Is Print Dead?

As technology keeps evolving, some have been saying that print is dead. However, it is not true. Many researches have suggested that print has more advantages over digital devices. Let’s check them out.


People still choose paper

Although searching for information via electronic devices are common, many people still like reading on newspaper, magazine and booklet. When you walk through the street, you still see someone distributing leaflets or flyers. People still choose paper.


Print is easier to read

If you look at electronic devices for a long time, time s of blinking decrease, resulting in dry eye condition. Compared to electronic devices, print is much easier to read.


Print is a better way to delivery information

Reading information on print helps develop text presentation in your brain, making it more memorable. People also tend to focus more on advertisement in print than that on electronic devices.


Print stands out from the crowd.

Print is tangible and therefore able to stand out well. Let’s imagine: Which business card do you want to receive? A tangible business card? Or an electronic one? Most of us tend to choose the former.

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