How to be creative?

Creativity is something everyone pursues. Even though you are not working in creative sectors, you want to be creative. You may think that creativity is inborn gift, which cannot be acquired. In fact, you can learn to be creative with certain training. Follow a path back and forth, in which certain steps will help you build up your imagination and originality. In the following, I would like to suggest the steps to help you to be creative.


Ask right question

Most people just copy creative ideas made by creative people. However, to be creative, you have to deal with many original question – how to offer amazing things for people? For instance, to run a coffee shop, you should ask how you could make stunning coffee and offer comfortable environment to customers; to create stylish graphic design, you should ask what message you want to deliver and how you could apply your design skill to present it. Please avoid being a copycat who only copy all the elements made by creative people.


Train your muscle for creativity everyday

The greatest way to foster creativity is to treat it like training the muscle. You have to train your mind regularly. Spend some times everyday to think, to write, to create, to learn and to take rest. Only if you continue working out can you be creative. It just likes doing gym.


Put down your electric devices

It is common to use electric devices nowadays but I want to say that your electric device will actually restrain your creative ideas. The information you receive from these devices is overwhelming and difficult to follow. It will make your brain messy and it is difficult for you to find meaningful insight from it. More information does not implicate creativity. What you need is a clear mindset.


Generate lots of ideas

One way to be creative is to generate as many ideas as possible. You can ask yourself some questions such as: Why do you need a business card? Or how do you use the stickers in a creative way? Figure out and jot down a list of answer in a given time. Don’t care about whether your answer is smart or applicable or not.

Another method is to make association. For example, when talking about “printing”, how many term related to printing comes out in your mind? You can train your creative thinking through this exercise.


Tidy up your space

Many people claim that mess represents creativity. It is however not the case. In fact, cluttered environment and mindset ruin your creativity. Tidying up your space (room, desk and computer) can make you concentrated and relax. Tidying is a significant element for creativity.


Learn New Things

Learning requires time, effort and willingness and it does increase your creativity. Learning a new thing such as language, skill and knowledge can give you a new perspective to see the world. They may also expose you to new stimulation, which may spark your creative thinking.


Challenge uncertainty

Creativity always comes from uncertainty. You should encounter something you don’t know or aren’t familiar with, and then keep challenging them. It is difficult to figure out creative ideas if you are always staying in the comfort zone. Keep in mind that there must be something you really don’t know much about.

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