Gold Foil Stamping v.s. Silk Screen Printing Gold

What are Foil Stamping and Silk Screen Printing Gold?

Gold foil stamping is a technique that uses heat, pressure and die to attach a golden layer onto the printed papers. It is applied after printing process.

Silk Screen Printing Gold makes use of a silk mesh to transfer metallic gold ink, which contains small metallic particles, onto papers. It is applied in the printing process.

Which one is better?
It depends. They both can be a good choice.

Gold foil stamping is done after printing so it gives a shiniest finish effect also lasts longer. It is especially a good choice if you also want to incorporate embossing and debossing effect into your products.

Gold metallic ink on the other hand is more suitable for detailed or complicated design, creating a tasteful impression. It is also more economical.
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