Embossing is not an easy task

Embossing creates a 3D effect by heating papers against the die materials. It is a very common technique on print products such as business cards and post cards.

What is worth mentioning is that not all papers are suitable for embossing. Pressure will easily damage papers, which are too thin. On the other hand, the embossing effect will be insignificant if the papers are too thick.

What’s more, many people have a misconception that coloring is carried out after embossing. In fact, coloring is done with printing process before embossing. As embossing will deform the structure of paper, what we have to do is adjust the size of color box in the area to be embossed before embossing. Otherwise, both embossing effect and coloring will be unsatisfactory.

Embossing seems simple but the truth is opposite. If you want to have embossing effect on your print products, it is better to first consult a professional printing company.
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